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Chris Slocumb

Chris Slocumb

About Chris Slocumb

Chris is the founder and president of Clarity Quest Marketing, where she leads a talented group of marketers and designers helping healthcare and technology companies achieve marketing and business goals. To learn more about Chris' experiences and qualifications, visit our Meet Our Executive Team page.

14 Proven Marketing Tips for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

No company is too small for a marketing strategy. In fact, the smaller your company, the more impactful a proper strategy could be. At a minimum, you should establish a marketing strategy and re-evaluate it each year. Here are 14 proven marketing strategies and tactics [...]

The moment you should stop planning for marketing and just DO marketing

Stop planning the fun out of marketing, and just DO marketing When I’m about to go on a long solo paddling trek, I pack and plan for hours. I check tide charts, load supplies, make sure there’s a spare paddle tied to my boat, check [...]

How to Integrate Search Marketing Techniques Into Your Business Strategies

While the term “Search Marketing Integration” may be new to many, the strategy has long been a best practice for online marketing professionals. To get the most benefit from your online marketing efforts, these strategies must be integrated with all other areas of your business [...]

Best Practices for Recording and Distributing Videos

Online videos can truly differentiate your products and services from the competition. Google and Bing rank video content in the organic search engine results and actually prefer web pages with videos. In addition to the SEO benefits, website visitors stay on a page with video [...]

Marketing in Turbulent Times: 6 Takeaways from an HBS Thought Leader

I had the great pleasure to attend my second Women Presidents Organization workshop led by Lynda Applegate, the Baker Foundation Professor at Harvard Business School. Lynda offers excellent advice for all business leaders. I’ve adapted some of her insights into marketing.   Mushing is a [...]

Why High-Growth Marketers are Embracing Strategic Planning

One of the things I’ve found most shocking in running a marketing agency for twenty years is the number of companies that don’t bother to create a marketing plan. There are startups in this group, yes, but there are also $150M companies with hundreds of [...]

Auditing Your Marketing Department: A No BS Framework for Improvement

The word "audit" may strike fear in the hearts of taxpayers, but it shouldn't scare marketers. Conducting an audit of your marketing department can be a fruitful—even fun—exercise. Finance departments undergo annual reviews, but too few marketing departments bother to do the same, which means [...]

Want a Bigger Marketing Budget? Aim for the Goal POST

It's nearing the end of the year, so that means it's time to prepare your 2019 marketing budget requests!   Avril, the VP of Marketing at a leading biotech company, was dreading the upcoming slog.    Typically, her marketing team spends a week in [...]

Long-Time Client Astarte Biologics Merges with Key Biologics, Secures Equity Investment

Key Biologics has completed its merger with Astarte Biologics to create the leading provider of human immune cells, blood products, and related services to the biopharmaceutical industry. As part of the merger, the new entity also received an investment from Ampersand Capital Partners to continue expanding [...]