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Chris Slocumb

Chris Slocumb

About Chris Slocumb

Chris is the founder and president of Clarity Quest Marketing, where she leads a talented group of marketers and designers helping healthcare and technology companies achieve marketing and business goals. To learn more about Chris' experiences and qualifications, visit our Meet Our Executive Team page.

Lessons from Website Homepage Banner Wars

Of all the elements that need to be created and approved during website design, website banners cause the most angst. If the web stakeholder team is not fully aligned with the company's or product’s marketing messaging and positioning, dissension is almost guaranteed to show its [...]

How Social Media Can Destroy or Grow Your Business

While many marketers have struggled to show the return on investment potential of social media, its power was very evident this past weekend.  After President Trump issued the Executive Order banning refugees and immigrants from seven nations last Friday, NYC taxi drivers went on a [...]

VC Funding for Health IT Grows in 2016, Surpasses $5 Billion

After a slight drop from 2014 to 2015, VC funding in healthcare IT grew 9% in 2016 to surpass the $5 billion mark for the first time. With all the conflict around repealing and replacing The Affordable Care Act, many thought health IT was going [...]

A Simple (and Relatively Painless) Performance Review Template

I hate performance reviews.  When I started my career at Motorola, I remember dreading what crazy new spin our human resources department was going to use to torture my boss, torment my direct reports and drive me crazy.   There were many excruciating variations: peer-to-peer, [...]

2017 Marketing Trends Outlook: Marketing Attribution

Marketing attribution has certainly come a long way from the simple lines of Google Analytics code you used to insert on your web pages. Today’s marketing attribution applications, when properly deployed, can track both online and offline lead and conversion sources with aplomb.   Our [...]

Do You REALLY Need to Do That? Delegate with Wild Abandon

I recently read a post by the CEO of one of our vendors who thought his main job was to create processes and hire bright folks to take over every area he handles today. Studying successful leaders heading up super happy cultures over the past [...]

Create, Send & Track Proposals in Record Time

For years our agency used QuoteRoller to manage our proposal process. While it had its quirks, the ability to save service descriptions, fees and templates made it far more efficient than using Word or Google Docs. Earlier this year, we found out from a tech [...]

Just Why Can’t We Jump Off the Stratosphere?

We’re sponsoring attendee badge lanyards at the HITMC conference in April 2017. Rather than do the boring thing and put our logo on the lanyards, we wanted to do something different. Our team came up with a great marketing idea.  We were going to sponsor [...]