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Chris Slocumb

Chris Slocumb

About Chris Slocumb

Chris is the founder and president of Clarity Quest Marketing, where she leads a talented group of marketers and designers helping healthcare and technology companies achieve marketing and business goals. To learn more about Chris' experiences and qualifications, visit our Meet Our Executive Team page.

Clarity Quest Donates to Hurricane Harvey Relief in Texas

I never took Senator Ted Cruz's advice - before today.  He urged corporations to help with Texas relief efforts (in part because he voted against a Hurricane Sandy relief bill).  While I believe the Federal Government should help out in disasters of this size, it's also important [...]

Harnessing the Power of Unstructured Healthcare Data [Infographic]

From Workflow to Big Data Analytics: 21 HIT Imaging Companies to Watch Unstructured healthcare data promises to be the next “big thing” in healthcare. Finding meaning in patient care data will require looking beyond the 20-30% that is “structured” and stored within the EHR/EMR. A [...]

Are You A Successful Business Leader Who Plays Video Games? Yep, You’re Normal and Probably Happier

I have a secret: I play Boom Beach. It turns out I’m not alone. When you picture gamers, you probably think of teenage boys skipping school or hoards in Taiwan stampeding to find a Pokémon Go character. But gamers are everywhere with over 2.1 billion [...]

Why the Truly Powerful Women Presidents Are Not Political Leaders

Many argue that women in political power hold the cards to achieving true equality of the sexes. I’d argue that women business owners — those with economic and job creation power — will be the ones to truly change things. At least thinking this way [...]

Get the Most for Your Marketing Department During Beta Trials and Pilots

Enterprise technology and IT companies often conduct complex beta trials or pilots as part of the sales process. After closing a pilot deal, your team may celebrate momentarily, but then the development team gets to work. While there's much to do on the technical front, companies [...]

Clarity Quest Launches Website, Revamps Messaging for State-of-the-Art CT Incubator

As a leading life sciences and technology incubation facility in southeast Connecticut,  The Commons wanted messaging and a website presence that resonated more clearly with its target audiences in order to attract more attention.  The new online branding and assets also needed to reflect the environmental aesthetic and [...]

Do You Have a Corporate Theme for HIMSS?

Coalesce your team around a show-specific concept to ensure ROI. Trade show participation is usually among the top marketing expenses for healthcare technology companies. Success at shows is vital, especially for SMBs, which can spend one-third of their entire annual marketing budget at HIMSS alone. [...]