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Content Marketing

Write Your Mind: How to Add Sincerity to Your Marketing

“Sincerely.” That’s an antiquated word, don’t you think? You really only see it in email signatures, or when you send a handwritten thank you note where “love” is too strong and you’re not quite sure how else to end it. But is “sincerely” the right [...]

Content Marketing Hurdles: They’re Real, But Here’s How You Can Jump Them

Every year, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) does a massive survey to identify content marketing trends from every angle: industry, location, agency, in-house, budgets, technology, strategies, tactics, successes, and challenges. In our recent email newsletters, we've discussed all the AMAZING things content marketers are doing: 73% [...]

Is Content Marketing World Worth It? Advice from a First-Timer

Here we are, two months out from Content Marketing World 2018. The changes of the season are in the air in Cleveland, no doubt, as the summer sun and humid air give way to browning leaves and chilly breeze. Here in Michigan, it’s much the [...]

Attention-Holding Content: How to Captivate Your Goldfish

The storyline of the human attention span devolving into that of a goldfish is well played out. And there’s research to back it up, so it must be true, right? You Now Have a Shorter Attention Span Than a Goldfish — TIME Health The Eight-Second [...]

What Are Twitter Polls All About?

Twitter users can now embed polls directly into tweets to get real-time feedback from their audiences. Polling is a great practice to incorporate into your brand’s social media marketing routine. Putting informative content out there is great, but sparking an intelligent conversation is even better! [...]

Back to Basics: The B2B Marketing Funnel

One question we get a lot from clients and prospects is, “What kinds of content do we need to create?” Many B2B companies have a tendency to focus on early-stage awareness building content. While early-stage content is certainly important to reach and connect with your [...]

Shorten Your Sales Cycles: Clarity Quest’s Presentation at HITMC 2017

For the fourth year in a row, Clarity Quest was a sponsor and speaker at the Health IT Marketing and PR Conference (#HITMC). Over the course of three days, attendees learned the latest trends in healthcare content marketing, event marketing, marketing automation, public relations, branding, [...]

Lessons from Website Homepage Banner Wars

Of all the elements that need to be created and approved during website design, website banners cause the most angst. If the web stakeholder team is not fully aligned with the company's or product’s marketing messaging and positioning, dissension is almost guaranteed to show its [...]