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Marketing Strategy

Marketing in Turbulent Times: 6 Takeaways from an HBS Thought Leader

I had the great pleasure to attend my second Women Presidents Organization workshop led by Lynda Applegate, the Baker Foundation Professor at Harvard Business School. Lynda offers excellent advice for all business leaders. I’ve adapted some of her insights into marketing.   Mushing is a [...]

Why High-Growth Marketers are Embracing Strategic Planning

One of the things I’ve found most shocking in running a marketing agency for twenty years is the number of companies that don’t bother to create a marketing plan. There are startups in this group, yes, but there are also $150M companies with hundreds of [...]

Auditing Your Marketing Department: A No BS Framework for Improvement

The word "audit" may strike fear in the hearts of taxpayers, but it shouldn't scare marketers. Conducting an audit of your marketing department can be a fruitful—even fun—exercise. Finance departments undergo annual reviews, but too few marketing departments bother to do the same, which means [...]

Want a Bigger Marketing Budget? Aim for the Goal POST

It's nearing the end of the year, so that means it's time to prepare your 2019 marketing budget requests!   Avril, the VP of Marketing at a leading biotech company, was dreading the upcoming slog.    Typically, her marketing team spends a week in [...]

Clarity Quest Talks M&A Marketing Strategy on Healthcare Radio Segment

Our President, Chris Slocumb, was recently a guest on the popular “What’s My Tagline?” radio and podcast series, hosted by Healthcare NOW Radio. Chris spoke on the topic of creating and executing marketing strategies before, during, and after a merger or acquisition. The podcast is [...]