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Marketing Strategy

Harnessing the Power of Unstructured Healthcare Data [Infographic]

From Workflow to Big Data Analytics: 21 HIT Imaging Companies to Watch Unstructured healthcare data promises to be the next “big thing” in healthcare. Finding meaning in patient care data will require looking beyond the 20-30% that is “structured” and stored within the EHR/EMR. A [...]

Do You Have a Corporate Theme for HIMSS?

Coalesce your team around a show-specific concept to ensure ROI. Trade show participation is usually among the top marketing expenses for healthcare technology companies. Success at shows is vital, especially for SMBs, which can spend one-third of their entire annual marketing budget at HIMSS alone. [...]

Clarity Quest to Present at HITMC

This year's Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Conference, HITMC, is taking place April 5–7, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV. At the event, don't miss Chris Slocumb's presentation on content personalization. It’s not uncommon for health IT purchases to involve up to 20 stakeholders and for the buying decision [...]

Marketing During a Merger or Acquisition

When executive teams begin considering M&A activity, they generally start with their corporate growth strategy in mind. A company’s growth plan may include a variety of strategic elements including organic growth of revenue streams through product or market diversification or more immediate growth through [...]

Clarity Quest to Host HITMC Twitter Chat March 7th

Chris Slocumb, CEO of Clarity Quest, will host the next Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Community (HITMC) Twitter chat. The chat will be held on Tuesday, March 7 at Noon ET (9 AM PT). To participate, follow the #HITMC Twitter stream on your favorite Twitter tool [...]

Applying High-Intensity Interval Training Principles to Marketing

My New Year’s Resolution was to fit in exercise every day, no matter what my work or my family life demanded. While some days I fit in a 1-hour walk or yoga, there are others in which 15 minutes is all I have to spare. [...]

2017 Marketing Trends Outlook: Marketing Attribution

Marketing attribution has certainly come a long way from the simple lines of Google Analytics code you used to insert on your web pages. Today’s marketing attribution applications, when properly deployed, can track both online and offline lead and conversion sources with aplomb.   Our [...]

Create, Send & Track Proposals in Record Time

For years our agency used QuoteRoller to manage our proposal process. While it had its quirks, the ability to save service descriptions, fees and templates made it far more efficient than using Word or Google Docs. Earlier this year, we found out from a tech [...]