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Public Relations

10 Tips for Submitting Speaker Abstracts

Conferences, trade shows and industry events are valuable opportunities for companies to build brand awareness, generate leads and form new relationships. Preparing for a show often involves budgeting, developing themes and planning speaking engagements well in advance of the event. I recently spoke with Caroline DeVore, [...]

3 Powers of Public Relations

When executives are working with a limited marketing budget, they want to be confident their spending will lead to positive results. Choosing the right marketing mix requires comparing the potential returns of each channel. Executives considering a public relations investment should evaluate both the quantity and [...]

Shake Up Your Trade Show Marketing in 2016

Believe it or not, 2016 is here. And with the new year brings a new cycle of trade shows, events, and conferences. Many healthcare and technology companies find themselves attending the same events year after year, which is great! Whether you’ve found the shows that [...]

Email Etiquette Tips for PR Outreach

Some mistakes can absolutely destroy the chances of editors opening your outreach emails, let alone securing interest or editorial coverage. PR Daily gives 20 tips for effective email outreach. Some tips are common sense, like personalizing each email with the recipient’s name, using spell check, [...]

6 Personas You’ll Find on HARO and How to Pitch Them

Search Engine Watch recently featured a great article by Ken McGaffin (@mcgaffin) about the 6 personas that post queries to HARO. If you’re unfamiliar with HARO, short for, it is a popular PR service that connects journalists and writers with relevant sources for their [...]

ArborMetrix Trade Show Booth

ArborMetrix is a healthcare analytics and software firm in Ann Arbor Michigan specializing in measurement of hospital and specialty-based care. Attending their first trade show ever, ArborMetrix approached Clarity Quest to design podium and banner stand graphics. We combined healthcare and data analytics visuals to [...]

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