Merger & Acquisition Marketing Plans

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Merger & Acquisition Roadmap
During a merger or acquisition, there are 4 key steps that must happen to ensure a smooth transition internally, in the media, and in the boardrooms of your customers.
Step 1: Pre-Announcement
Develop key messages to be used internally and externally in branding, communications, PR, advertising, and social media.
Step 2: Day-1 Tactical Execution Plan
Announce the transaction and be prepared with collateral to address the media, clients, customers, and employees.
Step 3: The First 100 Days
Open communication to customers and employees is critical. Step 1 is critical in preparing both companies to operate smoothly during this transition.
Step 4: Day 101 – 1 Year Post Acquisition
The newly joined companies now function as a fully integrated team. Any lingering divisions between the two sides can result in a failed merger or acquisition.