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The Importance of Social Media Listening

The annual Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Conference (HITMC) is taking place in New Orleans in just a few short weeks! Our healthcare marketing consultants are excited to attend the event. This year our agency is a gold-level sponsor, and our team has been busy planning a fun and creative marketing theme. Before the conference, we wanted to share one of the top trends we [...]

HIMSS18 Product Review: Meet Pillo, The Home Health Robot

What happens when a voice-enabled speaker meets healthcare? Meet Pillo, the home health robot! I was excited to learn about this device in October 2017 and even more thrilled to have a chance to demo it at HIMSS 2018 in Las Vegas. Pillo has many of the features of an Amazon Echo or Google Home — it can play music, answer basic questions, call out [...]

By |March 14th, 2018|News|

7 Ideas for Post-HIMSS Marketing Success

After 3 days at HIMSS, you will have logged tens of thousands of steps on your Fitbit or Apple Watch, shaken hundreds of hands, and could recite your sales pitch backwards in your sleep. But you won't be done quite yet! Successful trade show marketing doesn’t stop after exhibitors clear out of the hall. That's when the real work begins. Here are 7 post-HIMSS [...]

B2B Nuggets: Content Marketing Myths & Fascinating Thought Leaders

Check out some of the great business, healthcare, and technology content we’ve found recently. Each of these pieces contains some valuable information, so give them a quick view! If you have an interesting article to share, feel free to add it to the comments section below. This week we researched B2B marketing strategies, common content marketing myths, and the top thought leaders in our industry. [...]

By |February 23rd, 2018|Online Marketing|

Leading a High-Growth Business: Thrills and Pitfalls

  Leading a high-growth business has its challenges. People often say, “Hey, don’t complain. You have a high-class problem.” But I think leading a high-growth company can be as challenging as heading up a company in decline with a dry pipeline. They are very different scenarios emotionally; however, they involve equal work and diligence. Would I trade a booming 2018 for the recessionary doldrums of 2008/2009? [...]

By |February 21st, 2018|All Posts|

Marketing Tool Spotlight: Moz On-page Grader

Moz has been an instrumental tool at Clarity Quest for our SEO efforts. We use Moz to track campaigns, explore keywords, optimize our client's websites, and more.  One feature Moz offers is the On-page Grader. This feature allows you to evaluate your page or a competitor's page for search engine accessibility. You receive a grade, like in school, from A-F. A’s and B’s are where you want [...]

By |February 19th, 2018|Marketing Tips|

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