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Marketing in Turbulent Times: 6 Takeaways from an HBS Thought Leader

I had the great pleasure to attend my second Women Presidents Organization workshop led by Lynda Applegate, the Baker Foundation Professor at Harvard Business School. Lynda offers excellent advice for all business leaders. I’ve adapted some of her insights into marketing.   Mushing is a great analogy for marketing teams. It’s important that every dog on the team know they have an important role, even [...]

Content Marketing Hurdles: They’re Real, But Here’s How You Can Jump Them

Every year, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) does a massive survey to identify content marketing trends from every angle: industry, location, agency, in-house, budgets, technology, strategies, tactics, successes, and challenges. In our recent email newsletters, we've discussed all the AMAZING things content marketers are doing: 73% of B2B marketers are reporting success with their content marketing approach 63% of B2B marketers report more success with content [...]

How Long Should I Give Marketing Campaigns to Work?

When will our startup see triple digit ROI on marketing spend? When should I pull the plug on an email campaign that’s not converting? How long will it take to rank on page one on Google for our most competitive terms?   I get a lot of these types of questions, especially around fiscal year budget planning time. In a world where people expect immediate [...]

Is Content Marketing World Worth It? Advice from a First-Timer

Here we are, two months out from Content Marketing World 2018. The changes of the season are in the air in Cleveland, no doubt, as the summer sun and humid air give way to browning leaves and chilly breeze. Here in Michigan, it’s much the same, but the weather isn’t all that’s changed since CMWorld. Our mindsets, our strategies, and our tactics have changed as [...]

Why High-Growth Marketers are Embracing Strategic Planning

One of the things I’ve found most shocking in running a marketing agency for twenty years is the number of companies that don’t bother to create a marketing plan. There are startups in this group, yes, but there are also $150M companies with hundreds of employees!   Lately, I’ve seen a shift in the number of rapidly-growing companies willing to put in the time and [...]

“It Works for Me”: Ava Haekler, Marketing Consultant, Clarity Quest Marketing

Everyone has their own best practices and tools for getting the job done. Some include holding onto their iPhone for dear life or learning how to stay organized even during the chaotic times. Our recurring segment “It Works for Me” features business professionals sharing their best technology and productivity tips. We highlight one successful client, employee, or company partner each quarter. This gives us [...]

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