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Announcing Our New Ann Arbor Office

At Clarity Quest, we're excited to announce our new office space in Ann Arbor, Michigan! This space is in the heart of downtown, located inside the Workantile Exchange building. The building is a co-working style which gives us the opportunity to network with a diverse group of international companies and small local businesses. The office is home to many freelancers, remote workers, programmers, software developers, writers, [...]

By |July 12th, 2017|News|

10 Tips for Submitting Your HIMSS18 Proposal

The call for proposals for HIMSS18 ends on Monday, July 17th at 5:00pm Central Time. The time is limited, but you can still put together a strong proposal to showcase your health IT story. HIMSS is looking for healthcare IT innovators and adopters to share their challenges, triumphs and opportunities with HIT. Interested in Speaking? Find all the requirements, guidelines, samples, and the official HIMSS18 [...]

Go Beyond Drip Emails in Marketing Automation

Marketing automation platforms offer a wide variety of features and functionality that range from basic emails to list segmentation, social media monitoring, CRM Integration and more.  Frankly, the thought of selecting a marketing automation tool and going through the setup can be a little overwhelming for many marketers. If you’ve implemented marketing automation in the past, you’ve likely created a few email drip campaigns with [...]

Clarity Quest Welcomes Jordan Gallant, Marketing Consultant

If you’ve read our blog, received our newsletters, or viewed our portfolio, you’ve already seen some of Jordan’s work! Jordan joined the Clarity Quest team two years ago on a part-time basis as she finished her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Advertising and Promotion from the Haworth College of Business at Western Michigan University. With her coursework complete, Jordan now joins us full time [...]

By |July 5th, 2017|News|

7 Ideas for Post-HIMSS Marketing Success

After 3 days at HIMSS, you’ve logged tens of thousands of steps on your Fitbit or Apple Watch, shaken hundreds of hands, and can recite your sales pitch backwards in your sleep. But you’re not done yet! Successful trade show marketing doesn’t stop after exhibitors clear out of the hall. Now the real work begins. Here are 7 post-HIMSS marketing tips to ensure your trade [...]

Finding Insights in Dark Data

Most companies have an astonishing amount of dark and unstructured data available to them. It is estimated that the deep web, all the content online that is not indexed by search engines, is 500 times larger than the surface web, according to Deloitte. The field of dark analytics focuses on exploring raw information such as text documents, emails, video files, audio files, and still images. Many [...]

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