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Marketing Strategy

HIMSS 2018 Cover

The Ultimate Guide to Succeeding at HIMSS

For many health IT companies, HIMSS can be a make-or-break event, which puts a lot of pressure on marketers to get it right. We’ve been there. Get our top strategic and tactical tips to succeed before, during and after HIMSS.

whitepaper cover

Integrate Search Marketing Techniques Into Your Business Strategies

Search marketing strategies can be used to enhance your company’s existing marketing and advertising campaigns. Download this white paper to learn how your organization can benefit from search marketing.

Budget Whitepaper Cover

Determining the Right Marketing Budget for Your Company

Are you overwhelmed in trying to come up with just the right marketing budget for your goals and objectives? Here’s a handy guide that reviews the most common marketing budget strategies.

whitepaper cover

Top 14 Marketing Tips for Tech Businesses

At a minimum you should reevaluate your company’s marketing strategy each year. This guide contains proven marketing strategies and tactics for small-to-midsized companies.

Outsourcing Your Marketing


Outsource Your Marketing Department

Outsource marketing provides the commitment of an internal resource and the capabilities of a full-service agency without the usual large retainer. Learn how your organization could benefit by outsourcing all or a portion of your marketing efforts.

whitepaper cover

Is Outsource Marketing Right for Your Company?

During our years in business, our marketing agency figured out which companies are the best and worst fits for turning over their marketing to an outside agency. Answer some simple questions to see if your company would be successful by outsourcing your marketing.

Public Relations

cover thumbnail

Successful Trade Show Public Relations Before, During, and After the Event

We’ve helped healthcare and technology companies prepare for trade shows of all sizes. Whether you’re attending a large show like HIMSS or a local niche event, our tips will help you take advantage of strategic public relations to make the most of your trade show investment.

Online Marketing

cover of white paper

How to Setup an Effective Google Ads Account in Under 2 Hours

This white paper will teach you how to setup a basic Google Ads account and Search Network campaign. Follow these seven steps to get setup in less than two hours and start achieving your online marketing goals.

seo copy cover

How to Write Website Copy for SEO

Ready to write your website copy, but not sure how to start? Get our best practices and tips for writing web copy with SEO in mind.

cover sheet

Microsite Best Practices

A microsite is an individual web page or group of web pages which are
used to support, enhance, or supplement the primary or parent website. Learn the rules to follow when creating your next microsite.

video best practices white paper cover

Web Video Best Practices

With today’s video recording and screen capture technology, it’s easier than even to make and syndicate videos. Here are some tips for creating and distributing professional quality videos.