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Mountain Pass

Mountain Pass Success Story from Clarity Quest

After helping their previous company get acquired, the co-founders of Mountain Pass brought us in to manage the marketing efforts for their new venture.

With an innovative new software product ready to launch into the higher education market, Mountain Pass turned to Clarity Quest for strategic marketing guidance and fast execution of marketing and sales foundation materials.

A Mountain of Messaging

Mountain Pass knew they had a game-changing product, but they didn’t know how to speak to their potential customers.

Clarity Quest crafted a comprehensive messaging and positioning platform complete with product messaging developed around key value propositions, creative headlines, and messaging aimed at Mountain Pass’ top targets by profession and institution.

Mountain Pass Messaging

Mountain Pass Logo

New Logos, Identity, and Web Design

As a new company with a new product, Mountain Pass needed to establish an identity before introducing themselves to the market.

Clarity Quest named Mountain Pass’ flagship faculty management software product, SmartPath™, developed new corporate and product logos, and created a website full of fresh imagery, branding, and messaging.

SmartPath Logo

mountain pass website design

Eye-Catching Collateral

We wrote and designed a set of professional marketing collateral including brochures, white papers, and case studies to help Mountain Pass in sales meetings and at events.

We also designed new images, infographics, business cards, a PowerPoint™ template, an entire business kit, and a trade show booth to match the new brand identity.

Mountain Pass Booth Design

Mountain Pass Design Collateral

Dave Morin
“What we’ve most appreciated about Clarity Quest is the time they took to learn our business, listen to our needs and collaborate with us every step of the way. Highly recommended!”
Dave Morin, Co-Founder, Mountain Pass Solutions