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Branding Services

Branding Your Healthcare or Technology Company

We help technology and healthcare companies build strong brands. Whether your company is a startup seeking to grow its first brand or a seasoned company seeking to revitalize its image, contact our branding specialists to learn how we can help.

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How We Create Exciting Brands

While each client is different, here are some basic steps we follow in creating a memorable and intentional brand:

  1. Research. Are your customers more apt to respond to literal or evocative messaging? We will conduct research with your customers through our brand personality questionnaire. We will also complete a competitive assessment and best practices review of your industry.
  2. Storyboards. We will craft storyboards and get your approval on color palettes and pictures to form a design aesthetic.
  3. Creative Brief. We will help your team distill all your thoughts and requirements into an action plan.  The brief ensures our design team understands everything needed to create brand elements that are right for your business.
  4. Names and Taglines. We will create and deliver company or product name choices. We will do cursory checks online and with the US Patent and Trademark Office, however, we strongly advise you seek counsel of a trademark attorney to confirm availability of the name.
  5. Logo Designs. Once a name and tagline have been chosen, we create logo designs with and without your tagline.
  6. Supporting Elements. Whether you need signage, uniforms or online advertising banners, we can create the additional visual elements needed to launch your brand. We will also supply comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure your brand is applied consistently – otherwise it’s of no use.
  7. Brand Launch. We will help you unveil a new or refreshed brand to the public, your industry and employees.

Brand Stories

Clarity Quest has helped healthcare and technology companies craft memorable brands through naming, identity design, and outreach campaigns. View some of our success stories.

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