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Messaging & Positioning

Messaging, Positioning & Value Propositions

Whether you market software to engineers or medical devices to patients and physicians, the foundation of a solid marketing strategy is clear, concise, and compelling messaging and positioning. We help companies craft, refine or recreate their brand messaging quickly and without a tremendous strain on internal resources. Our proven Vision, Mission, Means™ messaging process ensures everyone in your company is on the same page when it comes to your value propositions, target markets, and competitive differentiation.

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Our Vision, Mission, Means™ Messaging Process

Research Icon1) RESEARCH – To familiarize ourselves with your company, we will review your existing website and collateral. We will then facilitate a 2-4 hour on-site meeting and working session to clarify company objectives. The working session is a scripted process, which has been honed over 5 years.

Survey Icon2) SURVEY – As the voice of the customer is the most important factor in determining your success, we will survey and/or interview 3-5 customers, lost customers or prospects you provide.

Market Segmentation Icon3) MARKET SEGMENTATION – We will define in detail your target industries, economic buyers and influencers in order to create customized messaging for each segment.

Competitive Analysis Icon4) COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS – We will research branding and messaging of your direct & indirect competitors.

analysis icon5) SEO KEYPHRASE ANALYSIS – If you’re interested in optimizing your website for organic search, we will create a seed list of possible ranking terms and perform in-depth competitive analysis. We then use several metrics such as average search volume, ranking difficulty, and search intent to provide a final list of 15-20 keyphrase recommendations for which your website will be optimized. These keyphrases will be included in your messaging framework.

Messaging Icon6) MESSAGING FRAMEWORK – We will craft a positioning and messaging framework detailing messages for online and offline marketing materials, business plans and public relations. Messaging elements will include tag lines, value propositions, messages by segment, a press release boilerplate, and website copy suggestions. We will review the document with your team and make final edits to the document based on your feedback.

Who Needs Messaging & Positioning Services?

If your company struggles with how to communicate the benefits of your offering to your prospects, partners or the media, we can help. We’re experienced at messaging even the most complex tech and medical products. Call us today at 877-887-7611 or request a call.