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Marketing Strategy & Budgeting

What A Marketing Strategy Can Do For Your Company

If you want to take your company to the next level, you need a clear, defined strategy for success. Whether you need your first marketing plan or fresh eyes on your current budget allocations, our seasoned marketing professionals can help. We have sat in your position as corporate marketing leaders and know how to get the best “bang for your marketing buck.”

Our successful 6-month and 12-month marketing plans include:

  • Strategic marketing goals tied to business objectives
  • Tactical marketing campaigns tied to strategic marketing goals
  • Timelines and metrics for each campaign
  • Monthly or quarterly budgets

What’s the Right Marketing Budget for Your Company?

white paper coverDeciding how much to spend on marketing can be a very difficult decision: Overestimating could lead to financial difficulty, but underestimating could lead to insufficient revenue.

B2B technology companies spend anywhere from 0.9% to 8.7% of revenue on marketing. Software companies typically spend more than hardware or IT services companies, and healthcare technology companies usually spend a higher percentage of revenue on marketing due to the importance of relationship marketing in the medical vertical.

So how do you set a marketing budget? First, read our white paper for some helpful tips. Then, contact our healthcare and technology marketing agency to discuss your needs. We’ve helped dozens of companies determine the right budget for the best return-on-investment.