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Video Production for Healthcare, Tech and Biotech

Whether you require a short intro or a location shoot with talent, Clarity Quest knows how to turn complex ideas into compelling video. We provide the entire production team from initial storyboard through online syndication of your videos.

On staff we have project managers, scriptwriters, graphic design specialists, illustrators, and animators. We have strong partner relationships with leading video production companies for location shoots and acquisition of acting talent.

Interactive Personalized Videos

Customize Campaigns with Interactive Personalized Videos

Buyers today demand content be personalized to their exact needs. That’s why our agency has partnered with Consensus to offer the latest in customized, interactive content. Using Consensus’ platform, we deliver both video and static downloadable content that’s personalized to prospects based on their selection of interest criteria and their buying stage.

Group Size Matters When Decisions are Involved

Source: CEB Motista B2B Brand Survey, Copyright: HBR

Personalized Videos Support Group Buying Decisions

According to a study by Corporate Executive Board (CEB), 5.4 people, on average, are involved in the majority of B2B buying decisions. In healthcare, there can be up to 20 people involved in a major technology or device purchase! Automating and customizing educational videos and product demos have cut sales cycles by 68% and catapulted close rates by 44%.

In addition to serving personalized content, the platform gathers analytics on what each member of the buying group watched, downloaded and shared. This analytics, combined with a sales CRM and marketing automation, is a powerful combination for closing deals when large buying groups are involved.

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