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July 2017 Newsletter


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SEO on a Small Budget: 5 Must-Do Tips

As a marketer working with a very limited budget to improve organic rankings and drive organic traffic to your website, you may be wondering where to start. Our list of five key SEO tasks will give you a good foundation for ongoing link building, on-site optimization, and content creation. If your digital marketing team is resource constrained, check out our online marketing services to find out how we can help.

Read the SEO Must-Do Tips


Finding Insights in Dark Data [Infographic]

Many business leaders are beginning to practice dark analytics by evaluating their existing data for operational insights and customer patterns rather than collecting more data. View our infographic to see the latest trends relating to the digital universe and the deep web. Looking to take your data presentation to the next level? Our eye-catching graphic design services can help you turn your statistics into a compelling story.

Learn How to Practice Dark Analytics

Is Your Website Maintenance an After Thought? Get Our 3-Phase Web Maintenance Schedule

Technology progresses quickly. With proper maintenance and updates along the way, a business website should hold its value for 2-4 years. Our 3-phase web maintenance schedule is a budget-friendly way to keep your website up to date and functional while maximizing its lifespan. At Clarity Quest, we make sure our client’s sites are never dull. Contact us to inquire about our website services!

How to Maximize the Lifespan of Your Website

The Power of Podcasting

In the U.S., more and more individuals are integrating podcast listening into their routines. In fact, 24% of Americans age twelve or older listen to podcasts on a monthly basis, according to Infinite Dial. The podcasting industry has not seen much experimentation in the area of B2B advertising yet. B2B Marketers who can take advantage of podcast sponsorship opportunities will be far ahead of their competition.

Learn What Podcasting Can Do for You
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