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Go-to-market plans that succeed

Are you getting a head start jumping into campaigns and adjusting tactics and budgets on the fly without a plan? Statistics tell a different story.

Companies that exceed growth goals create and follow marketing plans.

71% of fast-growing companies have a marketing plan in place.1 The plan drives agreement on goals, budgets, and documents marketing strategies.

How can you expect to reach goals without a roadmap? Marketing teams can only succeed with a strategic plan and detailed budget that maps to business goals.

framework for strategic marketing plans for healthcare and technology companies

Marketing plans that get funded and succeed

Our leadership team will work with you to create a detailed 12-month marketing plan to support your business objectives.

Want to get acquired?  That plan looks different from a simple high-revenue growth plan. Our custom plans match your business goals; they are not cookie cutter.

At Clarity Quest, we believe that successful marketing plans are built on a foundation of data and insights. We take a collaborative approach to our work, partnering closely with you to understand your business, audience, and goals.

Our expert strategists use various tools and techniques to develop data-driven marketing plans tailored to your specific needs. We work closely with you to refine your messaging and positioning, identify the best channels and tactics for reaching your audience, and measure the effectiveness of our efforts over time.

Over 90% of our agency’s marketing plans get over 85% of requested marketing budgets approved by the C-level.

Why choose Clarity Quest for strategic planning?

  • Experienced team of marketing strategists with a proven track record of success
  • Over 20 of our clients have been acquired and one went public
  • Data-driven approach to marketing plan development and execution
  • Collaborative partnership with our clients
  • Ongoing marketing execution and optimization to ensure ongoing growth

Proven healthcare, biotech, and tech marketing plans

Choose your marketing adventure:

Corporate Marketing PlanLead Generation PlanTactical Digital Marketing Plan
What it is:A comprehensive annual marketing plan for a company that has never before created one. An annual program plan with monthly budget guidelines.A prioritized plan of digital marketing channel campaigns and monthly budget guidelines.
Who it’s for:Companies that never mapped marketing strategies to business goals, never conducted competitive analysis, or recently restructured.Organizations that need more marketing structure and accountability for lead generation and conversion.Companies with very clear business/marketing objectives and prospects that search online.
Expected results:Grow lead volume and business valuation.Increase the number of qualified leads and conversions from marketing.Increase the number of qualified leads and conversions from marketing.
Timeline:8 weeks6 weeks4 weeks

Clients that succeeded by following our marketing plans

ICQ Consultants

Strong lead generation and awareness end in acquisition

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Astarte + Cellero

Marketing-fueled growth and strategic branding lead to $38M acquisition

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Remote Medical

Medical services hypergrowth with outsourced marketing

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Marketing plan success maps powered by Clarity

What should my marketing budget be?

Want a bigger marketing budget? Aim for the goal POST.

Why marketers are embracing strategic planning

How long should I give marketing campaigns to work?

"Highly recommended!"

What we’ve most appreciated about Clarity Quest is the time they took to learn our business, listen to our needs and collaborate with us every step of the way.

Dave MorinDave Morin, Founder | Care Technology Advisors

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