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Best-practice marketing generates 1,300+ leads and seals acquisition for biopharma consultants


marketing-qualified pharmaceutical leads


from one-year omnichannel marketing campaign

successful acquisition in 2022

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"They will hit it out of the park for you. Clarity Quest Marketing is responsive and creative; they really know their stuff. "

Mike Gatta

Mike Gatta

LinkedIn ad for ICQ

Powerful Content + Targeted Marketing = Qualified Leads

While we built a marketing lead generation machine for ICQ, we also focused on supplying the fuel: high-quality, engaging thought leadership content.

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1,300+ marketing qualified pharma leads

Sponsored content, LinkedIn Ads, email marketing, and social media have helped us generate 1,300+ marketing qualified pharma leads along with a noticeable increase in RFP invitations.

We continue to serve as ICQ’s complete outsource marketing department, generating leads, nurturing prospects, and elevating the ICQ brand.

Building a solid marketing foundation

ICQ expanded their business over the years with their extensive network and referral base, but that strategy began stalling additional growth.

With limited prior marketing efforts at ICQ, we came in to draw up plans and frame out the marketing house.

  • Marketing plan and budget
  • Market research and competitive analysis
  • Updated corporate messaging and positioning

Brand updates

Not all brands require a complete flip. ICQ just needed cosmetic fixes and a creativity injection.

A subtle, yet thoughtful change to their tagline from “Engineering Better Solutions” to “Engineered for Quality” differentiated ICQ from multiple competitors with similar taglines while putting the focus on the main benefit they deliver to their clients: quality manufacturing.

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ICQ stamp

Positioning ICQ as “biopharma’s CQV experts” helped them stand out as a specialist in a crowd of generalists. We infused biopharma-specific imagery and added an “ICQ stamp of approval” using a watermark of their logo to convey the hands-on, consultative approach unique to ICQ.

Carrying the updated brand through to important sales collateral and trade show graphics supports ICQ’s team so they can focus on their specialty: relationship building.

ICQ tradeshow booth design
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The next stage of growth:
ICQ acquired by Ellab Corporation

After 15 years in business, ICQ’s growth captured the interest of Denmark-based Ellab Corporation, which acquired ICQ in October 2022.

"When two strong teams with fantastic cultures come together, the whole is clearly greater than the sum of its parts."

-Tim Paymaster, President and Chief Commercial Officer, Ellab

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