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M&A marketing plans and brand transitions

Managing internal and external communications is critical during a merger or acquisition. Keeping marketing programs humming while merging can be taxing without expert help.

Fear not. We can create and execute a strategy that will help your in-house sales and marketing teams not only function, but thrive during a business transition.

Working with your leadership, legal, human resources, public relations, sales, and operations personnel, we build a phased marketing and integration roadmap that outlines your acquisition marketing strategy and tactical execution plan through the four key stages of an acquisition:

  • Pre-announcement
  • Announcement “Day 1”
  • The first 100 days
  • Post-acquisition: days 101–365
common themes of successful mergers and acquisitions

Our merger playbook

Merger Playbook CoverThe amount of work needed to successfully align and merge the marketing efforts of multiple companies can be daunting. We’ll outline a custom playbook for your organization from determining which tools to consolidate to merging sales databases.

We can craft and deliver a customized Merger or Acquisition Playbook that includes:

  • Integration timelines
  • Messaging, branding, and positioning
  • Internal and external communications
  • Analyst, press, and media communications
  • Social media strategy
  • Defined cross-functional integration teams
  • Departmental “micro-plans” (executive team, corporate communications, sales & marketing, product management & development, human resources, finance, and operations)

Brand merger strategies

Wondering how to make multiple brands play nicely together? Looking for advice on brand consolidation?

Check out our branding services.

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