Marketing services for your biotech and healthcare portfolio companies

Need to accelerate growth at your healthcare or biotech portfolio companies? Can’t find experienced marketing talent? We have the answers.

Since 2001, our outsource marketing services have helped series A-D companies grow pipeline and revenue with marketing that drives engagement, demand, and lead generation.

We bring all the talent and assets your portfolio companies need including an acting Chief Marketing Officer, subject matter experts, digital and PR pros, and a marketing tech stack.

We speak fluent technology and understand startup dynamics and can make an impact within the first week of engagement.

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Marketing strategy, branding, and execution diagram

Marketing strategy, branding, and execution

We start by setting a strong foundation with brand messaging and a strategic marketing plan. Then we develop the stellar assets every company needs such as a website, content library and marketing tech stack.

Once the foundation is set, we can execute all marketing campaigns or support available internal marketing resources.

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Have marketing leaders who need mentorship?

Clarity Academy offers marketing mentorship and coaching on an ongoing basis. We train young marketing leaders and those who have transitioned from other industries into healthcare and biotech.

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The proof is in our success

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