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The healing power of voice

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VoiceFirst is a revolutionary voice-enabled solution that greatly reduces the time clinicians spend at keyboard terminals while enhancing patient interactions. For the first time ever, clinicians were able to “have a conversation with their EMR” while being completely mobile and free to focus on patient care.

  • A solid brand and messaging foundation helped Honeywell launch an innovative product into health systems.
  • Our agency helped Honeywell own the term “EHR voice overlay” with digital marketing and PR efforts.
  • Content developed spoke to multiple varied personas, including CNIOs, CNOs, CMIOs, and end-user nurses.

Vocollect Healthcare retained Clarity Quest to create a strategic and tactical marketing plan and budget for the launch of their EHR voice overlay product.

While the parent company, Intermec, had a lot of experience using voice in manufacturing and logistics environments, healthcare was a new market vertical. They turned to our seasoned healthcare IT marketing pros to craft and execute a lead generation and branding plan.

In the middle of our effort, Intermec was acquired by Honeywell.

“When my business needed a new healthcare marketing agency, I interviewed over a dozen firms until I ultimately selected Clarity Quest. I needed a marketing firm that could help me work through and execute an effective and diverse plan with a limited budget. From day one, the sense of partnership that I have realized with Clarity Quest has exceeded my expectations. Their strong healthcare industry expertise and tremendous marketing capabilities have provided my business with great value.”

Maureen Ladouceur

Maureen Ladouceur
Former VP Healthcare Solutions
Honeywell Healthcare (Current Chief Revenue Officer, MMIT)

Laying an exciting foundation

Before kicking lead generation into high gear, we had to create a solid brand foundation. Our team honed messaging, developed an identity and style guide, and created a new website optimized for organic search.

responsive website design for VoiceFirst by Honeywell
VoiceFirst vs dictation diagram

Owning EHR voice overlay

Our team felt it was important to establish VoiceFirst as a leader in the space and own a term for this new technology. We set out to control the narrative for “EHR voice overlay.”

Our online marketing team launched VoiceFirst to high search engine rankings for many competitive search terms, above much larger, established competitors in the healthcare voice recognition market.

Showing VoiceFirst in action

Because the product was new to the hospital market, we developed a video to show exactly how VoiceFirst would be used in clinical settings.

The video was shown in our newly designed trade show booth and used in other sales environments as a highly effective tool for educating the market on the capabilities of the VoiceFirst software.

Reaching target personas

We developed quality content for prospect nurturing, using marketing automation as the cornerstone of our lead generation strategy.

Our marketing strategy to target CNOs and CNIOs proved to be a successful one as nurses were the primary users of the product.

Revenue-based marketing in action

Our lead generation and nurturing campaigns met every sales funnel goal during our 24-month engagement.

VoiceFirst secured pilots at three leading hospitals and their funnel was very active with qualified leads as Honeywell acquired the company.

Brand awareness metrics were supported by robust media relations and online marketing efforts.

building the sales funnel for VoiceFirst

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