Get more from event attendance

Trade shows and conferences are great venues to build brand awareness, cultivate meaningful relationships, and generate high-quality leads.

We’ve helped clients shine at HIMSS, BIO, AHIMA, IHI, RSNA, and more. Whether you need a big conference splash or small conference concierge suite meeting, we know what works to make you stand out.

trade show attendee stat

92% of conference attendees are actively looking for new products and solutions.

Make events worth the investment

What’s your ROI on trade show spend?
If it isn’t where you want (or you don’t know at all), it’s time to rethink your approach.

Make sure you’re maximizing ROI on every dollar spent on exhibitor fees, travel, lodging, and the rest of your trade show investment with the right preparation, onsite execution, and coordinated content strategy.

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The average B2B company allocates 40% of their marketing budget to trade shows and events.

Our trade show booth designs

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“Thank you and your team for the absolutely wonderful job you all have done. We, literally, would have sunk in our marketing efforts without you, and I would have been committed to an asylum by now if you and your team hadn’t stepped in and saved the day. I cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts. Thank you so, so much.”

Leanne R. Cardwell, Sr. Vice President, External Relations | WEDI