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A digital and content-based marketing plan results in a dramatic revenue increase during COVID-19 pandemic


Marketing efforts created a lead pipeline 46X marketing spend

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A history of trust and results

Remote Medical International (RMI) contacted our agency to handle their strategic and tactical marketing via an outsource healthcare marketing agency model since it was very hard to retain talent in a competitive Seattle job market.

RMI’s leadership team has hired Clarity Quest at several companies over the course of 20 years and knew where to turn with their complex branding and marketing challenges.

Clarity Quest supplied a complete outsource marketing department during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, including strategy, content, public relations, and digital marketing teams. Under our marketing leadership, RMI:

  • Realigned service offerings and industry targets following a strategic acquisition
  • Launched a new website to serve as a solid digital home base and inbound lead generation machine
  • Generated consistent marketing content that captured, nurtured, and converted leads
  • Filled their lead funnel and closed significant new business during one of the worst economic crises in modern times

RMI logoIndustry: Medical services
Stage: Private; Private Equity Funded

Paul Budak RMI

"Since onboarding Clarity Quest to handle all of our marketing content and execution, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of leads we’ve received. We didn’t anticipate that our messaging would resonate with so many companies outside our traditional target industries. Compared to our previous internal efforts, our Clarity Quest team really filled the funnel with a higher ROI than anyone expected."

Paul Budak, COO | RMI

Continuing to fill the funnel


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Metrics reflect improvements during the course of our engagement.

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Our content and digital marketing campaigns resulted in a lead flow from marketing that RMI had never experienced before.

Although COVID-19 services were a major focus, they weren’t the only offerings impacted by marketing. Our campaigns boosted lead flow for RMI’s long-standing on-site workplace health and safety services for key accounts in offshore wind energy and other sectors.

Earning brand awareness through international public relations

Getting the word out that RMI was in the COVID-19 testing and screening business was critical to success. Our media relations team secured coverage in trade publications that reach RMI’s traditional energy markets. We also earned coverage in publications reaching new markets, such as entertainment and renewables.

Our work generated an interview request with RMI’s CEO from the New York Times and garnered placements in the local Seattle press, which was important to RMI’s leadership team.

We also secured editorial coverage of RMI’s acquisition of SSI Group, part of the company’s plans for aggressive expansion into new markets. Our team secured coverage in some of the workplace health and safety industry’s most well-known publications and boosted the perception of RMI in the U.S. and global markets.

Aided by our public relations and positioning activities, RMI was awarded its fourth International Stability Operations Association (ISOA) Vanguard Award and received an honorable mention from the Healthcare and IT Marketing Community (HITMC) for Best COVID Pivot.

Remote Medical public relations journals

Building a new digital home base

With lead generation already in high gear, it was time to tackle the dated and fragmented website. We worked with RMI’s sales team and executives to better define their service offerings and align their industry targets with business goals.

The result was an attractive, modern website that spoke the right language to the right individuals, setting RMI up for continued lead generation success.

We reorganized RMI’s suite of services into a more user-friendly menu with options that better reflected the nature of the work they perform.

Wayne Wagner

"You have allowed RMI to reduce marketing expenses and significantly increase marketing productivity. The leads being generated from the website are impressive."

Wayne Wager, Former CEO and Board Member | RMI

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