A digital and content-based marketing plan results in a dramatic revenue increase during COVID-19 pandemic

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Key points

  • A consistent content marketing schedule, new products and services messaging, and digital marketing campaigns supplied a substantial increase in leads.
  • Clarity Quest resourced a complete outsource marketing department during the height of the COVID-19 economic crisis, including strategy, content, public relations, and digital marketing.
  • Remote Medical International went from having very little lead activity from marketing campaigns to having a full lead funnel, leading to significant closed deal volume during one of the worst economic crises in modern times.
  • A new website realigned Remote Medical International’s service offerings and industry targets following a strategic acquisition, giving the company a solid digital home base and inbound lead generation machine.

We can trace more than 50% of the leads in Remote Medical International’s pipeline to our marketing efforts. 

Remote Medical International saves lives and improves the health of workers in diverse job sites. No matter the industry, work environment, or geography, companies trust Remote Medical International’s medical and safety services to protect the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Company size

Enterprise (300+ employees)

A history of trust and results

Remote Medical International contacted our agency to handle their strategy and tactical marketing via an outsource agency model since it was very hard to retain talent in a competitive Seattle job market. Remote Medical’s leadership team has hired Clarity Quest at several companies over the course of 19 years.

Leadership’s goals were to create increased brand awareness and generate leads and closed deals from companies in industry sectors that are ideal for their workplace health and safety offerings.

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Setting up a solid marketing foundation

We first developed a marketing plan with monthly budgets aimed at cutting costs year-over-year, while improving return on investment and lead volume. We then developed a plan for consistent marketing content creation and improved their product and services messaging.

The task was a difficult one as its main competitors are the world’s largest medical and travel security services firm and the largest publicly-traded healthcare company in the world by revenue.

Nevertheless, we partnered with Remote Medical International to achieve this ambitious goal. We rebuilt the digital marketing infrastructure and created brand messaging that provides a complete and precise definition of how products and services benefit customers in target industries.

Speed to market was key during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic created a substantial economic recession only a few months after we onboarded as their agency. But we turned a pandemic into an opportunity and worked with their responsive operations and sales teams to quickly promote new offerings for COVID-19 employer testing and screening services.

During the height of the COVID-19 economic downturn, we were able to position the company as one of the first companies with COVID-19 medical support services.

Using our experience in working with Google on disallowed ads, we had the company as one of the very first approved COVID-19 screening services on Google Ads and had them on page one of COVID-screening-related organic results within a week.

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Remote Medical International saw a sharp increase in the number of leads received, while the majority of industries in the U.S. were in an economic freefall.

Creating content to fight a pandemic

We created corporate messaging around the COVID-19 employee screening service, a landing page, service-focused email campaigns, informative blog posts, and a product brochure. This content allowed the company to tell the story about the value of the service and how it would help companies maintain safe operations by screening employees for symptoms of COVID-19. We also performed SEO work that built on their solid foundation and drove organic results that led to quality leads from unexpected industries.

Continuing to fill the funnel


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Remote Medical pageviews increase
COVID-19 test

Our content and digital marketing campaigns resulted in a lead generation flow from marketing that Remote Medical International had never experienced before. We crafted messaging that was relevant to the company’s top industry targets, and the value propositions were so impactful online that they continued to catch the attention of companies outside of their traditional B2B customer base. Our marketing efforts contributed more than 50% of the leads in Remote Medical International’s pipeline and the numbers above reflect 2020 website improvement metrics compared to 2019.

Augmenting brand awareness through international public relations

Getting the word out that RMI was in the COVID-19 testing and screening business was critical to launch success. Our media relations team secured coverage in trade publications that covered RMI’s traditional energy markets.

However, we also got coverage in industry publications covering new markets, such as entertainment and renewables. We jumped in to help write content when the RMI team was stretched too thin.

Finally, we garnered placements in the local Seattle press which was important to RMI’s leadership team.

Remote Medical public relations journals
Paul Budak

"Since onboarding Clarity Quest to handle all of our marketing content and execution, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of leads we’ve received. We didn’t anticipate that our messaging would resonate with so many companies outside our traditional target industries. Compared to our previous internal efforts, our Clarity Quest team really filled the funnel with a higher ROI than anyone expected."

Paul Budak, COO | Remote Medical International

Building a new digital home base

With lead generation already in high gear, it was time to tackle the dated and fragmented website. We worked with Remote Medical International’s sales team and executives to better define their service offerings and align their industry targets with business goals.

The result was an attractive, modern website that speaks the right language to the right individuals, setting Remote Medical International up for continued lead generation success.

Remote Medical International’s expansion strategy in the media

Our public relations team secured editorial coverage of Remote Medical International’s acquisition of SSI Group, a UK-based firm that provides emergency response medical services, global risk management, and international safety. The acquisition is part of the company’s plans for aggressive expansion into new markets. Our team secured coverage in some of the workplace health and safety industry’s most well-known publications.

The focused public relations efforts included press releases, bylined articles, local coverage, and video interviews and boosted the perception of Remote Medical International in the U.S. and global markets.

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