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June 2017 Newsletter

Clarity Quest Marketing Newsletter

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Slay Boring Enterprise Imaging Messaging with Hot Expert Tips

Has strong branding and messaging taken a backseat at your company? Are you too occupied with mergers and partnerships to focus on messaging? We see a huge opportunity for an Enterprise Imaging (EI) or PACS company that’s brave enough to shake up the status quo narrative. We believe it’s time to start writing like a person, not a robot. To get started, we’ve provided some inspiration for differentiating your brand messaging!

How to Stop Writing with a Stick Up Your Butt

Are You A Successful Business Leader Who Plays Video Games? Yep, You’re Normal and Probably Happier

Did you know that gaming can fight depression and slow cognitive decline? According to Jane McGonigal, Director of Game & Research Development, Institute for the Future, playing video games fires up three distinct areas of the brain. Over time, this makes individuals more empowered and hopeful. Learn how gaming technology and culture can bring benefits to the business world.

Learn How Gaming Benefits You

Back to Basics: The B2B Marketing Funnel

To effectively advance marketing prospects through the funnel, you must develop content that speaks to your different target personas. Personalizing your content and outreach strategies will help ensure your message resonates and engages. To aid you with this process, we’ve outlined some content types that are effective at each stage of the sales funnel. To explore more options for content creation and strategic marketing, contact our marketing experts.

Read About the B2B Marketing Funnel

Have You Looked Up to See the Stars Recently?

At Clarity Quest, we regularly reflect on the accomplishments of our community partners and clients. This gives us an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding organizations and individuals in our network. This month, we are highlighting our client, Sophia Sees Hope (SSH). Our design experts recently completed a website refresh project with the SSH team. This project was a great opportunity for us to connect with other healthcare leaders in our local Connecticut community. If your company is in need of a brand refresh, check out our web design services.

Learn What the Stars Mean to SSH
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