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October 2017 Newsletter

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Getting Started with Marketing Automation

While marketing automation (MA) systems and workflows are a regular part of most enterprise marketing departments, many small to mid-market companies have been slow to adopt MA. The reason most companies give for stalling is not the cost of these systems, but how daunting even the simplest automated campaign implementations appear. The good news is you can take a phased budget and workload approach to MA to reduce risk and stay sane in the process! Our guide will help you get started.

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10 Tips for a Smooth Website Launch

The process of launching a new or redesigned website is critical to the success of your overall marketing efforts. There are a lot of things to remember when launching a new or redesigned website, so be sure to create a checklist and detailed schedule. Get our tips for a seamless go-live transition.

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Are You a Problem Solver or a Problem Finder?

As automation and outsourcing solutions are increasingly available for U.S. companies, right-brain abilities are becoming the engines that shape our economy, according to best-selling author Daniel Pink. At Clarity Quest, we believe strongly in the power of right-brain thinking. Check our post to learn more!

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