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September 2017 Newsletter

Clarity Quest Marketing Newsletter

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8 Ways to Reduce SaaS Churn

Acquiring new customers is more difficult, expensive, and time-consuming than maintaining or upselling current accounts. 30% of software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies have an unacceptable level of customer turnover. Many organizations are focused on reducing their turnover rates, however, your firm can go a step further by turning these business challenges into learning opportunities. Get our best tips for reducing SaaS churn.

How to Reduce SaaS Churn

How to Build and Maintain Brand Loyalty

Establishing a tradition of loyalty amongst your consumers will help guarantee your company’s success now and for years to come. A devoted customer base will consistently buy from your business, refer your brand to friends and family, and help ensure your continued profitability. In today’s economy, it is essential to know the basics in brand loyalty.

Learn More about Brand Loyalty

10 Tips to Draw Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

When preparing for a trade show, many companies devote too little time to booth draw campaigns. Without a sound booth draw strategy, your business runs the risk of wasting money by attracting the wrong kind of booth visitors. Learn how you can attract valuable visitors to your booth!

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