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At Clarity Quest, we help mid-market companies build brands customers love. Growing a brand is not that different than nurturing a relationship.

This month, gain insight into how market trends help your company stick around for the long-term, learn how your logo can make a lasting impression, and find out which brands make our hearts sing.

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Don’t fizzle out. Understanding market trends is key to longevity.

With newer and faster technology coming out every day, it’s critical that healthcare and life sciences marketers stay ahead of the curve.  To maintain long-term relevancy in your industry, your company must evolve to meet the changing demands of your customers.

Ignoring market trends driving those changes is a surefire way to watch relationships with your customers fizzle out.

Learn how data, demographics and the rise of the healthcare consumer are driving the future of health tech, and what questions marketers should be asking to ensure longevity in this changing landscape.

Data, demographics, and the healthcare consumer
Understanding market trends is key to longevity.

Does your logo make a lasting impression?

First impressions matter, and for many companies, your logo is what your customers notice. Logos are shorthand for what your brand represents.

Your logo should not only speak to you and your target audience but also be consistent with your company’s objectives.

Learn the characteristics of logos that make a lasting impression along with real-world examples of what a well-designed logo looks like in practice.

4 tips for a well-designed logo
Make an Impression with Your Logo Design

Brands that make our hearts sing.

At the end of last year, the CQ team got together to discuss the brands they love and how marketing plays a key role.

Brands we love
Brands we love

“If you love what you’re doing … that will make it so much easier to actually sit down and create content, inspire, entertain, and educate.”

— Jeff Bullas, global marketing influencer

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