Welcome to the May 2020 Clarity Quest Newsletter.

When I started Clarity Quest nearly 20 years ago, I was inspired by people like you and the exciting businesses you lead.

My personal quest was and continues to be about breathing new life into ambitions. I thrive when I get to combine left-brain data and analytics with right-brain “peel your eyelids back” creativity.

Even during uncertain times, it’s vital to stay connected with your quest.

This month, we’ll cover:

  • Why your company’s email newsletter is as important as ever
  • Tips for compassionate upselling during a global pandemic
  • A shout-out to two new companies who’ve signed on to let us guide their marketing journeys

Let us give new life to your marketing and accelerate your business.

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Your B2B email newsletter is more important than ever

Making a connection that goes beyond selling products or services, especially during an economic downturn, can help make your brand memorable.

Sending a monthly email newsletter creates opportunities to interact with and relate to your network with a much deeper purpose than sending a one-off promotional email.

How do I know an email newsletter works? The CQ newsletter you’re reading has been key to our success for years.

5 Reasons why your B2B company newsletter is more important than ever

Strategic and compassionate upselling in time of uncertainty

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact the economy and nature of work as we know it, business owners and company leaders were reminded of the critical importance of a business continuity plan and clear communication.

As leaders seek to minimize the disruption to their businesses, here are three ways companies can strengthen the resilience of their organizations even when the path ahead seems uncertain.

5 Tips for strategic and compassionate upselling
Strategic and compassionate upselling

Welcoming new clients

We’re excited to announce two new clients!

Seattle-based Remote Medical International (RMI) provides medical services to remote environments across the world, including COVID-19 employee screening. RMI has selected us as its marketing agency of record.

KleenEdge, a San Francisco based health technology company focused on reducing HAIs, has selected us to work on updated brand messaging.

Clarity Quest welcomes new clients
Welcoming New Clients KleenEdge and Remote Medical International

Born in the soul, offspring of a dream, Quests nudge us from the complacency of everyday life into a realm of discomfort, and if all goes to plan, success.

— Martin Dugard, author of To Be a Runner

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