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Visual design resources

Logos, font choices, color palette - these are all visual design elements that make up your brand’s identity and improve user experience. Have you ever thought about the impact of the font for a website? Or why certain logos have barely changed throughout the years (think Apple or Google)? Take a look at how our team approaches visual design and learn about what works, and even more importantly, what doesn’t when it comes to what you convey with your brand.

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No, you can’t use Comic Sans! How to choose the perfect font for your logo

Is your logo living up to its fullest potential? Is it giving off the best first impression possible? We recommend these tips to determine the right font for your logo.


The Evolution of Tech Logos

For cutting edge logo design inspiration, we study a combination of top-performing companies and innovative start-ups.


Presenting logo design concepts in a way that gets to an optimal result

Creating a new logo can be an exciting or frustrating process, depending on how the creative agency and client approach the project. Here are a few tips on how we present logo concepts in a way that results in happier clients and faster approvals.


Make an impression with your logo design

Logo design has many variabilities based on the company’s history, industry and intended audience. We offer these four enduring characteristics of a well-designed company logo.