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Successful branding takes equal parts strategy, design, analytics, and creativity to craft a memorable, exciting, and impactful corporate identity and message. RevSpring chose Clarity Quest as their agency of record for our strategic experience in mergers and acquisitions to guide them through their brand transition and to create a marketing plan to grow the healthcare side of their business.

RevSpring provides engagement and payment solutions in the financial services and healthcare industries, helping companies streamline their revenue cycles and make the billing and payment processes more predictable, intuitive, and convenient for their consumers.

They enlisted the help of our agency to develop a new identity that would retain their current brand equity while communicating a fresh perspective in the marketplace. We also provided a strategic marketing plan aligned with RevSpring’s budget and marketing goals including specific strategies and tactics to help fill the sales funnel and nurture leads to conversion.

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A New Identity Built to Last

Upon our recommendation to unify four separate companies into one RevSpring brand, our team crafted a cohesive brand architecture that works for the company as it stands today, yet is flexible enough to easily add new verticals and services as the company grows.

We created strategic messaging to better position the new RevSpring to its target audiences and reflect the company’s updated focus on technology and intelligence, along with a new visual identity to match. The refreshed RevSpring logo, tagline, colors, and supporting design elements bring an updated, modern, approachable tone to a previously revenue-focused identity.

Our healthcare IT marketing team tied all of these elements together into a master brand style guide to serve as a go-to resource for any internal or external design teams so they can preserve the integrity of the brand.

Launching the New RevSpring Brand

Our UX and web design experts created a modern website with simple navigation to showcase RevSpring’s complex and numerous product listings. We made the website robust with information, yet organized and user-friendly for RevSpring’s customers and prospects — all built with search engine optimization in mind.

The redesigned website is a launching point for all of the ongoing initiatives outlined in our strategic marketing plan, including public relations, analyst relations, and content generation.

RevSpring Website Design

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Strategic Marketing Plan Services

In parallel with branding, we developed a strategic marketing plan in alignment with RevSpring’s marketing budget and specific healthcare marketing and brand valuation goals. Included in the plan was a full yearly budget of all marketing tactics recommended to support each goal, with monthly costs broken out for each activity.

We also created a comprehensive Strategy Playbook to guide RevSpring in working towards their business objectives. This playbook works hand-in-hand with the marketing budget to provide more detailed information on RevSpring’s current position, key performance metrics for each goal, and additional details for each recommended strategy.

Ongoing Programs

Following the successful launch of the new website, RevSpring retained our agency to handle content creation, public relations, and analyst relations to gain more market awareness for the new brand and message.

With our help, RevSpring met their aggressive revenue goals for their acute healthcare segment in 2018. 

Mark Waterstraat

“We continue to love our new brand and website, and if your ears burn periodically, it is me talking up Clarity Quest and the quality of the work your team performs.”

Mark Waterstraat, SVP Product & Strategy | RevSpring