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B2B brands can come off as cold, inhuman, and boring — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Browse these branding resources to learn how intentional, creative branding can bring a B2B company to life.

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The importance of a style guide

Developing and sticking to a brand style guide is essential for building a consistent, authentic, and trustworthy brand. Learn about six key elements to include in your brand style guide.


Marketing challenge: M&A branding scenario

The challenge: A company with weak brand recognition is acquiring one with stronger brand recognition and leadership wants to ensure the acquisition target’s brand does not overshadow the acquiring company’s brand and positioning. Learn how we would handle this case.


Humanizing the B2B brand: A brand personality survey

Take this quick 7-question survey to assess the state of your B2B brand and get recommendations on how to improve it.


The evolution of tech logos

Ever wonder what the first Google and Apple logos looked like? Learn about the brand identity history of top companies and how they have evolved.