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Checklist: 5 ways to incorporate brand messaging into your SEO and content strategy

By June 25, 2021June 26th, 2021No Comments

You’ve just invested thousands of dollars on brand messaging for your organization. Now what? While you’re excited to apply new color schemes, taglines, and imagery to office couture and your website, messaging has value well beyond these elements.

New brand messaging could mean your SEO targets and content marketing strategies are now out of alignment. If so, your organization is missing the opportunity to rank for new phrases and write about new topics.

Read on for five ways you can incorporate your new brand messaging into your digital marketing strategies.

1) Find key phrases in your brand messaging

After the brand messaging initiative is complete, your organization will be speaking about its products or services differently. Take this opportunity to thoroughly read through it for new key phrases you want to analyze further for digital marketing potential.

2) Run an SEO analysis

Perform in-depth key phrase research and analysis to understand metrics like search volume, SERP features, ranking difficulty, and competitor rankings. Once completed, create a plan to incorporate your best key phrase opportunities into your website.

3) Align your key phrase map to your website

In the early stages of website copy development, create a key phrase map that aligns your sitemap with 1-2 key phrases for each page. During this process, you want to identify which existing pages perform well and preserve that content to retain existing SEO value. Pro tip: With the Google updates related to page experience, this is a great time to look at your site speed and web hosting, as both play a role in your domain authority.

4) Update your content strategy and calendar with new topics

You will likely identify more key phrase opportunities than is possible to fit into your sitemap. Don’t feel overwhelmed that these other important phrases didn’t make the cut. These topics are ideal for future content creation. Simply make a list and fill in your content calendar.

5) Check for new linking opportunities

New key phrases or topics may trigger ideas for high-quality, industry-specific backlinks. Finally, make sure you have updated your social media profiles, Google My Business and Bing Places listings, and other online profiles to match your new brand.
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