Patient engagement company goes from unknown to 200+ leads in 4 months

200 MQLs

in first 4 months


social media engagement

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Preparation makes perfect

We took a holistic approach to marketing Ayva — Bravado Health’s digital assistant that helps practices clearly and effectively communicate with patients for pre-op and post-op success.

In the first 6 months, we built and executed a content marketing plan to:

  • Generate qualified leads for the Ayva product
  • Deliver a robust, fresh customer and prospect experience
  • Increase brand awareness among the target audience

200 MQLs

in the first 4 months


increase in website sessions


lift in organic social post
impressions with 2X engagement

With over 20 years of healthcare marketing to our credit, we know how to write content that engages and converts. We also know how quickly the digital marketing landscape changes.

From blog posts about improving patient outcomes to executive briefs on calculating the value of the perioperative patient experience to webinars about the importance of an enhanced recovery plan — we built a comprehensive content strategy to keep Bravado’s key audiences engaged and informed.

This consistent commitment to quality content is what earned Bravado its first (of many) qualified leads for Ayva.

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Quality content can’t be appreciated without strong campaigns that help promote it. We leveraged both paid and organic social channels to boost Bravado’s online awareness.

With a consistent cadence of communications across LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook — plus proven use of LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content for healthcare marketing — we were able to establish connections with the right audiences to showcase Ayva’s value to the orthopaedics field and beyond.

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