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Improving brand perception yields increased business valuation

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"What an encouraging and exciting experience when the final deliverable exceeded my expectations!"

"Your collective talent, collaborative insight, and creativity were an invaluable contribution towards the transformation of who DataFirst is and how the healthcare community will see and experience us going forward. Thank you all!

Beau Jones

Beau Jones


Complete visibility throughout the imaging management journey

These strategic shifts position DataFirst as an enterprise interoperability solution putting their core value proposition center-stage:

We harmonize and break down barriers in healthcare imaging data to put the power of access and decision-making back in the hands of our customers.

Simple, modern, edgy, sleek.
Most importantly, different!

The new DataFirst website:

  • Gives visitors an experience that answers questions upfront.
  • Uses multi-media such as custom videos, diagrams, and graphics to pique interest and drive free trial and demo requests.
  • Puts DataFirst’s Silverback® solution center-stage.
  • Delivers an experience for all audiences, taking care not to alienate existing personas while appealing to the new C-suite target.
  • Tells the DataFirst story with a confident, empowering tone with headlines and calls to action.
  • Uses custom animated explainer videos and graphics to communicate and simplify solution complexities.
  • Optimizes for SEO to rank for target keyphrases.
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One solution for a connected imaging network that solves interoperability challenges

We started with a complex branding and messaging effort:

  • Messaging and Positioning Framework – Elevate the narrative to attract the C-suite and communicate at an enterprise level.
  • Brand Promises – Articulate the commitments they make to their customers each day.
  • Corporate Messaging – Establish an elevator pitch and PR boilerplate.
  • Brand Architecture – Shift to a house of brands architecture to reflect the new platform and product solutions.
  • Product Packaging and Messaging – Establish multiple product levels and accompanying messaging to support the new enterprise-level vision and offerings.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Analyze and recommend new key phrases to rank for while maintaining existing SEO value.
  • Brand Image – Overhaul the look and feel with a modern, edgy, and sleek image.
  • Logo Refresh – Modernize the design of the logo to bring out the gorilla feature and align it to the new brand aesthetic.
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