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Relaunching a precision bioscience brand with purpose

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Bringing the breakthrough science to life through bold messaging

“Transforming cancer management” is a lofty goal, but one miR Scientific is tackling head on. When they didn’t shy away from using that as their tagline, we knew we were working with some bold, innovative minds.

We first drafted a comprehensive brand messaging framework with all the elements miR Scientific needed to efficiently and energetically talk about their company and product. For the first time, they had a cohesive message to use in sales, marketing, PR, and investor relations.

A new website to set the miR brand apart

Using the newly minted brand messaging framework as our guide, we crafted catchy and clear website copy that was equally informative and inspiring.

In addition to writing compelling copy for human readers, we also provided search engine optimization recommendations to give the new website a boost in the search engine rankings.

miR Scientific website banner copy example

“You guys have been incredible.”

Thanks so much for everything. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from us many times in the future!

Rob Tenniswood, miR ScientificRob Tenniswood, Chief Operating Officer | miR Scientific

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