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MMIT successfully promotes market access platforms to pharma, payors, and medical device companies

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Key points

  • MMIT partnered with Clarity Quest because they were looking for an agency partner with expertise in tactical healthcare marketing, sales enablement, market research, and win-loss analysis.
  • MMIT began closing larger pharma deals in less time as a result of sales content that is now informed by market research from Clarity Quest.
  • MMIT has seen a 25% increase in social media engagement while decreasing time invested in blogging and social sharing by 75%.
  • Win-loss market research has contributed to a refined sales process that receives praise at all levels of the organization, improving the sales experience for MMIT customers.

MMIT simplifies market access across all of healthcare by making formularies, policies, and restrictions transparent. Payors, pharma manufacturers, and providers rely on MMIT’s comprehensive coverage data and workflow solutions to automate processes, influence commercialization strategies and support prescribing decisions.

Stage: Private; Merged with 3 other brands to launch Norstella in 2022

Supporting sales to close larger pharma and payor deals faster

Starting with strategy, Clarity Quest worked with MMIT to integrate competitive messaging from market research into new sales processes and content. New content included a robust sales presentation deck centered on use cases, white papers, case studies, brochures, and executive briefs. Revenues and deal closes increased significantly in the first six months after implementation.

Clarity Quest also helped MMIT enhance their new customer onboarding processes with training materials and content that led to improved customer retention.

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Enhancing social engagement in less time

Today’s digital landscape demands increasing online engagement that justifies the spend. Clarity Quest mapped out a strategic social media framework that required the minimum viable amount of daily management and content to demonstrate thought leadership. Using a mix of custom messaging and streamlined social automation tools, MMIT saw their brand connected with key pharmaceutical market access and payor influencers.

Thanks to Clarity Quest’s support, the monthly time required for blogging and social sharing dropped by 75% while engagement increased 25%.

Win-loss research refines MMIT’s product pipeline strategy and sales processes

MMIT has been on a continuous quest to add more depth to their pharma product lineup and needed more insight into their existing business development results to make decisions around pricing, product offerings, and messaging. Clarity Quest steps in to conduct truly objective customer and lost prospect interviews—something that wouldn’t be possible using internal resources.

Clarity Quest’s win-loss research and analysis services offer a continuous refinement of their sales processes and a profound understanding of the prospect’s experience during MMIT sales engagement.

Our win-loss research has also led to product refinement and most importantly, product development. Many of MMIT’s new products have been created as a result of our hearing customer needs and requests.

These interviews have resulted in:

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Faster, improved decision‑making

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A more efficient sales delivery process, especially in the early stages

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Increasingly effective communication

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Earlier resolution of implementation concerns

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New product offerings

Thanks to win-loss analysis, the MMIT client experience team is now able to collectively evaluate data as a unit instead of disjointed perspectives as individual salespeople.

For MMIT leadership, the condensed, all-in-one feedback reports have become data they can’t live without and something decision-makers look forward to each month. The reports are used by everyone from the board to the president and key sales leadership to make truly informed business decisions and to facilitate collective, cohesive enablement of sales tools so their team can successfully sell their suite of healthcare data and analytics products.

Maureen Ladouceur

“The insights we gain from win-loss analysis are critical to understanding where our clients see value and how we can be better. As the leader of a client experience team, this reporting helps us to make better decisions that drive significant improvements to our total business performance.”

Maureen Ladouceur, Chief Revenue Officer | MMIT

Integrating an acquisition

After the acquisition of AIS Health, Clarity Quest audited their internal marketing department and came up with short-term and long-term action plans for increasing the department’s effectiveness and efficiency.

In addition, we conducted market research and created communication cadences to fill the sales funnel of the new asset and reduce churn.

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