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Transforming Parkinson’s patients lives with a speech device

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SpeechVive is a private medical device company providing communication solutions for people with Parkinson’s disease. SpeechVive’s mission is to improve communication quality for Parkinson’s patients by empowering care partners and clinicians with technologies and support to restore one’s ability to communicate.

  • Clarity Quest provided design, UX, and SEO services.
  • A search engine optimized website speaking clearly and effectively to clinicians and patients.
  • Improved site navigation and a simplified ordering process.
  • Use of authentic imagery and videos to demonstrate the emotional impact on patients.


  • 175% increase in Average Time on Page.
  • 15% + increase in users, new users, and sessions.

"Working with Clarity Quest has been a pleasure. From my first meetings with Christine to working more closely with Lindsay and the web design team, all communication is very productive and goal-oriented. Even with a very aggressive timeline, they’ve stayed on time and provided valuable insights and suggestions throughout the process. I’m impressed with the final product, and we look forward to continued engagement with them. Clarity Quest is more like an in-house marketing team. They take the time to learn the product and company story and bring great insights and suggestions to the table."

Ashleigh Lambert

Ashleigh Lambert, M.S, CCC-SLP
Vice President of Clinical Development
SpeechVive Inc.

Responsive website design for SpeechVive

An authentic, responsive website, optimized for search

We had the opportunity to partner with a private medical device company who’s on the precipice of exponential growth due to its being Medicare-eligible. SpeechVive had to prepare for the influx of demand from patients and clinicians and needed a website experience that could support it.

Clarity Quest designed and deployed an emotionally engaging website that spoke to both patients and clinicians. With our deep expertise in healthcare and digital marketing, we designed an authentic and attractive website that positions SpeechVive as a communication technology leader for Parkinson’s patients and a trusted alternative to traditional voice therapy programs.

Clarity Quest strategically partnered with SpeechVive to develop a site with optimized web copy that was key phrase researched and analyzed, improved navigation for ease of use, and structured to simplify lead generation and the purchase process.

webpage design for SpeechVive

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