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Building a quality health IT brand for a quality-focused SaaS platform

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"Clarity Quest expertly guided us through our messaging and rebranding project providing value add across all phases."

Their healthcare domain knowledge was essential as we rebuilt the messaging platform for Trinda’s portfolio and their design talents helped deliver an innovative and clear brand image.

Paul Roscoe

Paul Roscoe
Trinda Health

Changing the view on quality

When building a new brand from scratch, many like to lead with, “What should we call it?”

Our approach is, “How should we describe it?”

It’s a much harder question to answer but is the right place to start when constructing a new identity.

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Asking (and answering) the hard questions

Building a comprehensive messaging platform for the new company was our first step, defining corporate messaging, value propositions, and target personas.

What isn’t your documentation telling you?

What do your rankings say about your reputation?

Do you know who your highest risk patients are?

From there, we were able to name the company successfully, ensuring the new identity matched the tone of the language used to communicate it.

Truth in Data.

It’s a simple concept, but one the team whole-heartedly believes in. Healthcare has an overabundance of data that, unfortunately, is typically hard to find or apply.

The real value is in listening to the stories the data holds and delivering those to the right ears.

Trinda Health’s logo incorporates an upward-trending bar graph representing improved quality and financial standing, leading to the human-form “i” to depict the focus on each patient.

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Reaching for the (extra) stars

Trinda Health inspires hospitals to elevate their quality metrics to boost financial performance. They needed a clear and logical way to capture attention and distill the value of a complex product. That’s where strategic visual design came in.

  • Custom Graphics
  • Business Kit Design
  • Website Development

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