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Getting on with Discovery

4.2X Increase in Revenues with a 450% ROI on Marketing Programs

Astarte Bio brand story

Through our strategic and tactical marketing efforts, Astarte Biologics—a Seattle-based supplier of immune cell products and research services—has grown revenues by 4.2x and in 2018 underwent a successful merger and equity event.

With a wide variety of immune cell products and research services, Astarte has an intricate business. Our life sciences marketing team has been able to successfully build awareness for Astarte Biologics as a trusted leader in the immunology and inflammatory research industry.

We have worked with Astarte Biologics since 2013, and this past year was our most exciting to date. Our most recent focus has been continuing strategic growth through expanding communications, building an inventory management system, redesigning Astarte’s e-commerce website, and increasing digital outreach programs.

  • Increased revenues by 4.2X since 2014

  • Increased organic search traffic by 150%
  • Achieved a marketing ROI of 450% in the past year
  • Helped Astarte successfully merge with Key Biologics and gain an equity investment

Building a Brand with Purpose

Research and discovery are in the heart of every immunology scientist. To connect with that audience, it is imperative that the Astarte brand represent the company’s mission to deliver quality products and services that propel research forward.

Through much research and understanding, we were able to create a brand that successfully delivers an energetic and motivational message scientists can’t overlook.

Digital Solutions Built to Generate Revenue

Astarte has been experiencing the revenue benefits of a successful growth strategy and with that, quickly realized it was time to invest in a custom solution to manage their expansive inventory with an e-commerce solution that could bring it all together. With the launch of its new website in mid-2017, Astarte continues to accommodate its customers by providing an intuitive shopping experience.

The website also offers plenty of support for researchers in the form of trustworthy research protocols, detailed product information, and online engagement with Astarte scientists.

Astarte Bio Website Design

planning for success

How Do You Beat Success? Keep Moving Forward.

Each year we work with Astarte to evaluate their strengths and identify growth areas. Astarte is committed to investing in an annual marketing plan that outlines a solid strategy with a detailed monthly schedule offering the right balance of lead generation and nurture campaigns that attract attention, earn sales, and continue to build a referral network.

Giving Scientists the Freedom to Be Scientists

Creating a lead generation strategy and handling the day-to-day operations of the campaigns alleviated many burdens for the Astarte team. With the help of Clarity Quest’s outsource marketing team, Astarte’s scientists were able to get out of the sales/marketing role and into the lab to innovate and create new products.

Our first focus was to increase online sales and build awareness of Astarte’s vast offerings among scientists and researchers.


Astarte case study design

Feeding the Funnel

We put in place several inbound campaigns to bring leads in the door, including:

  • Search Engine Optimization: We optimized the Astarte website to capitalize on customers who turn to search engines when looking to buy immune cell products. Within a week of website optimization, we had – and still have – Astarte at the top of the organic search results.
  • Content Marketing: From blog posts to case studies, we’re creating, sharing and syndicating content that scientists and researchers find valuable to increase engagement.
  • Online Advertising Campaigns: Leveraging a consistent flow of newly generated content, we were able to create diverse ad campaigns to bring in targeted website visitors, increase brand awareness, and help Astarte dominate the search engine results pages.

    • Account-Based Marketing Utilizing LinkedIn
    • Digital Campaigns with Industry Partners:, Biocompare, Bitesize Bio, ResearchGate, SLAS
    • Google Ads and Bing Ads

Anne Lodge
“I enjoy the enthusiasm of the CQ team in helping me grow my business. You’d think they were part of our team, not outsiders. Large pharmaceutical companies frequently compliment us on our marketing programs and branding.”
Anne Lodge, Ph.D., President & Founder, Astarte Biologics