Welcome to the September 2020 Clarity Quest Newsletter.

Back to school season may look different this year, but one thing marketers can still depend on is sharpening those pencils for next year’s budget. And this year you absolutely can’t cut and paste from last year’s budget!

To help guide you, we’ve compiled five ways to set an optimal 2021 marketing budget.

As you calculate the ideal marketing spend, here are some strategies and initiatives that can help you efficiently meet your goals and objectives.

  • Make a statement with clear and powerful brand messaging
  • Target your ideal customers on LinkedIn
  • Rethink your virtual event strategy
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What’s your brand message?

More than ever brands need to connect with clients and customers. It all starts with a clear mission statement and messaging framework.

Watch our brand resilience video to learn how we help clients rise to the challenge of a new day.

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Fill your funnel using LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn is a powerful platform that enables marketers to promote their brand and fill their funnel with qualified leads using direct sponsored content.

Clarity Quest recently teamed up with TradeTec Skyline on a webinar to discuss best practices.

Get our top ten tips for running successful LinkedIn direct sponsored content campaigns.

Top 10 tips
Power of LinkedIn

Making it feel in-person

With virtual events the norm this year and into 2021, what are you doing to personalize the experience?

From sending gifts to shelving PowerPoint decks, here are some creative ideas to make your next virtual event feel like it’s in-person.

Making events feel in-person during COVID
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Welcoming new clients

We’re excited to announce QMENTA has selected Clarity Quest to develop its strategic brand direction and messaging framework to help generate awareness of their state-of-the-art medical imaging AI-driven software platform.

We also launched a splash page targeting potential investors for Yale University spinoff and biotech start-up Pangolin Therapeutics. They are doing some amazing work in trying to combat neurodegenerative diseases.

Welcoming new clients

We are all emotional beings looking for relevance, context, and connection.

— Beth Comstock, Vice Chair, GE

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