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Launching and growing a health IT company focused on patient safety

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Beterra Health is a healthcare technology company dedicated to building platforms that improve patient safety, engagement, and quality. Healthcare organizations across seven countries use Beterra’s technology to simplify the collection, analysis, and utilization of healthcare performance data to accelerate improvement.

  • Clarity Quest quickly launched a scalable, modern website with solid SEO fundamentals and messaging giving Beterra validity in the health IT market.
  • Beterra and Clarity Quest have a long-term partnership, focused on growing the company through digital marketing and insightful content.
  • Clarity Quest continues to offer strategic marketing guidance as the company grows.
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“Clarity Quest has been a true partner for Beterra in our journey to engage more healthcare organizations. At this point, their team feels like an extension of our own. CQ constantly seeks to understand our business objectives and provides fantastic strategies and insights to engage our unique healthcare audience.“

Daniel Baily, Beterra Health

Daniel Baily
Beterra Health

Timing is everything: a chance meeting at the Healthcare and IT Marketing Community (HITMC) conference

Two months after launching Beterra, Daniel Baily found himself seated next to Clarity Quest’s president, Chris Slocumb, at an “unconference” session. They found they were lockstep in how they thought about business and Daniel asked Chris if she’d be willing to give an hour to coach Beterra’s leadership team on what they should do first in marketing.

Chris gave an hour of her time, the Beterra team sent a lovely “thank you” gift basket, and a powerhouse partnership was born.

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responsive website design for Beterra

Launching a brand and a website

In 2016, Clarity Quest designed Beterra Health’s first website within weeks of kicking off the project. Vital to objectives were clear, compelling copy that engaged patient safety experts and solid search engine optimization (SEO) fundamentals. Clarity Quest continues to maintain Beterra’s website and upgrades so the leadership can focus on what they do best: patient safety and data analysis.

Digital marketing supports funnel and brand growth

Beterra counts on Clarity Quest’s expertise in digital marketing to engage with buyers and healthcare thought leaders. Campaigns, such as Google Ads and sponsored LinkedIn content, focus on reaching niche patient safety and operations buyers in the acute healthcare space. Informative blog posts and thought-provoking white papers power the campaigns.

Kapil Nair, Beterra Health

“As a startup focused on healthcare improvement, we conduct multiple experiments to engage hospital leaders for impact. Clarity Quest has been very agile and adaptive in helping us find the optimal pathways in this process. For us, it is very important that our healthcare community gets value through our engagement efforts. Clarity Quest delivers that.”

Kapil Nair, President | Beterra Health

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