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New branding and websites help Harris Healthcare connect with health systems online

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Harris Healthcare is 100% committed to improving healthcare productivity, efficiency and accessibility while ensuring regulatory and legal compliance and keeping hospital operations securely in the black. Software and system solutions range from clinical to financial through planning.

  • We delivered a website, messaging, show booth, and collateral to more competitively position Harris QuadraMed’s enterprise master patient index (EMPI) in the health systems market and generate traffic.
  • Upon completion of the QuadraMed website with rave reviews, the Coordinated Care division partnered with us to develop a website presence for their division under a tight deadline.
  • Both websites are optimized for SEO with over 60 terms ranking on page one of Google search engine result pages.

Harris Healthcare works in the complex field of healthcare technology and software. Their solutions can be difficult for hospital buyers to understand, so for both divisions, we sought to bring clarity to their offerings in the form of visuals and concise messaging.

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"I am 100% satisfied with Clarity Quest’s work. Your team finished ahead of the deadline. I would not hesitate to recommend you folks to any other Internal Harris Unit or external business."

Tom Power

Tom Power
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Harris Coordinated Care Solutions

Explaining QuadraMed in pictures

Imagine a patient named “Joanna Smith”. If Joanna T. Smith is entered in the EHR, Joanna Tuck Smith is entered in the billing system and Jo Smith shows up in the appointment setting system, chaos ensues.

We helped QuadraMed show how their system prevents duplicates at every possible error point, while personalizing care.

Using visuals and copy to drive business

Once the main visuals and copy were approved, we created a new search-optimized website, trade show booth, and collateral. Traffic and lead generation tripled after the site launch.

Repeating success under time pressures

After the success of the QuadraMed project, the General Manager of the company recommended us to a different division to combine three acquired companies into a single website.

Under a super tight deadline, we created a search-optimized, easy-to-maintain website for the Harris Coordinated Care division. The site showcases their revenue cycle management and mental/behavioral health systems.

Marketing services provided:

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