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Print house transforms business model and rebrands as preventive care health tech company

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Ushering an established brand from commercial printing to a SaaS communications platform

Carol Kingsley had just taken a new job as the vice president of sales and marketing for the newly renamed Previon. It was an exciting time for the company.

After receiving a patent for a proprietary colorectal cancer fecal immunochemical test, they were undergoing a major transition from a commercial printing business to a direct-to-patient preventive health test kiting service driven by PCaaS™, a powerful omnichannel communication SaaS platform.

Carol was tasked with the difficult job of facilitating the brand transition from their former name of Bridgecom to Previon while also driving sales for a new-to-market product and needed a partner with health tech marketing expertise to guide her.

Communicating ways to close care gaps
To support Carol and her team, Clarity Quest facilitated a full-day, intensive storytelling session with twelve Previon leaders. After hearing how they were improving preventive care, we crafted messaging, positioning, and the visual language to launch the new company into the healthcare technology space.

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“The team at Clarity Quest is incredible to work with. They are professional, patient, and offer a true team collaboration. The brand spirit that Clarity Quest has helped us define and share with the industry will be a big part of our future. We look forward to transforming preventive care and compliance communications with The Previon Way.”

Carol Kingsley

Carol Kingsley
Executive VP Growth and Strategy

Health aware. Care empowered.™

It was important to Previon leadership that their new brand communicate how they are proactively impacting people’s lives and helping create healthier communities.

As they migrated from compliance communications to the healthcare technology space, they wanted memorable messaging that would immediately resonate with their new target audience and differentiate them in the market.

We helped them address both of these business objectives with the company tagline: Health aware. Care empowered.

In addition, when used independently, the tagline incorporates the orange letter “o” from the Previon logo.

Specific to their flagship Preventive Care as a Service (PCaaS) product offering, we developed messaging that brings its purpose to the forefront with the phrase “hyperjump care gaps”.

Telling the Previon story

Previon creates healthier communities by enabling early detection, increasing personal health awareness, empowering people to actively participate in their care, and ensuring they’re informed with compliance communications.

Previon’s Preventive Care as a Service (PCaaS™) is an omnichannel communication platform that hyperjumps care gaps and drives continuous quality improvement.

Our team developed and designed a new web presence that captures the evolving, growing, and dynamic culture of The Previon Way.™

For potential clients, the site focuses on how Previon’s innovative offering and 40+ years of healthcare experience can help them close care gaps and meet the demands of the healthcare Quadruple Aim, even as consumer’s demands change.

The website also incorporates images of Previon’s new state-of-the-art fulfillment center and its employees. Previon promotes a culture of growth and innovation that touches everyone who works there.

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Getting the word out

With a solid messaging framework that positions Previon as an industry leader in preventive health and compliance communications, we concentrated on sharing their vision more broadly.

Our team worked closely with their executive leadership on contributed articles to secure earned media placements in leading health tech and medical community publications.

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