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M&A Marketing Strategies & Transition Services

Managing communications with current and future customers and employees can be challenging during a merger or acquisition. And keeping marketing programs going can be especially taxing without expert help. We can create and execute a strategy that will help your in-house sales and marketing teams function and thrive during the transition.

Working with your C-level legal, human resources, public relations and operations personnel, we build a phased marketing and integration roadmap that outlines your acquisition marketing strategy and tactical execution plan through the 4 key stages of an acquisition:

  1. Pre-Announcement
  2. Announcement “Day 1”
  3. The First 100 Days
  4. Post-Acquisition: Days 101–365
mergers and acquisition marketing plan

The Merger or Acquisition “Playbook”

We will deliver a comprehensive Merger or Acquisition Playbook that includes:

  • Integration Timelines
  • Messaging, Branding and Positioning
  • Internal and External Communications
  • Analyst, Press and Media Communications
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Defined Cross-Functional Integration Teams
  • Departmental “Micro-Plans”

    • Corporate Development & Executive Teams
    • Corporate Communications
    • Sales & Marketing & Sales
    • Product Management & Development
    • Human Resources

Marketing & Sales Operations — Achieving Alignment

Rapid onboarding and alignment of core marketing and sales professionals and processes is key to the success of any merger or acquisition. From determining which CRM tools and prospect databases to use and aligning processes and marketing programs, to developing sales funnels and assigning new or changed roles, the amount of alignment needed can be daunting.

True marketing and sales operational alignment will ensure a smooth transition of lead generation activities and continual customer communication. Our experienced marketing leaders will help you define new organizational structures and vet operational processes so you can stay on track to meet your sales goals during the transition.

Learn more about the four key steps that must take place during a merger or acquisition.
4 key steps

mergers infographic