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Plant your flag with cannabis technology marketing

Market research firm New Frontier Data anticipates the cannabis industry will top 255,000 jobs by 2019 and reach $24.5 billion in sales by 2025. Industrial hemp also stands to prosper, once cleared from regulatory hurdles.

This burgeoning industry in the U.S. and Canada requires a sophisticated technology support ecosystem. We can help market and promote your cannabis software, SaaS, or technology company with the experience we gained being at the forefront of other similar industries.

We know how to grow marijuana software and lab services companies

While agencies exist for marketing cannabis to consumers, we’re one of the first agencies in the country to specialize in marketing cannabis technology, software, and systems.

As an experienced biotech and healthcare marketing agency, we advance companies in the following marijuana‑related technology areas:

  • Point-of-sale systems
  • Data Agricultural software, grow systems
  • Cannabis CRM and marketing automation systems
  • DNA testing
  • Cannabis laboratory testing and quality control systems
  • Inventory systems
  • Compliance software
  • Data and analytics
  • Medical marijuana devices
  • Cryptocurrency systems
  • Industrial processing equipment
  • Cannabis testing and lab services
cannabis technology software marketing agency