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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Being in the top 3 listings on Google and Bing is more important – and more challenging – than ever as search engine companies implement ways to make search faster and smarter.

We craft and execute search engine optimization strategies that increase your bottom line. After all, having the #1 ranking for a term that doesn’t result in sales is just wasted glory. It’s like being on the cover of a magazine that none of your prospects read. Combined with our pay-per-click marketing services, ranking high on search engine ranking pages is one of the most effective tools in generating leads and credibility.

72% of product research for a future business purchase begins on Google.

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Our SEO Marketing Process

search engine optimization objectives1) Define Objectives. Our proven SEO process ensures your online marketing efforts support the goals of your organization whether it’s increased sales, more subscribers or increased corporate valuation.

keyphrase analysis seo2) Keyphrase Analysis. Finding the best keyphrases on which to base your search engine marketing efforts is a foundational step that must be executed well. We’ll find the best keyphrases for your campaigns based on search volume and competition. Our comprehensive keyword analysis service includes:

  • Recommended keywords and keyphrases in order of importance based on relevant, up-to-date search information
  • Keyword lists and rankings for natural and pay-per-click marketing searches
  • Competition scores which detail the number of competitive web pages optimized for each target keyword

seo website audit3) Website Audit. We will analyze your current web presence and will compile detailed recommendations on changes needed to improve your rankings or conversions.

search engine optimization for websites4) Website Optimization. We will implement the changes outlined in Step 2 if you do not have an in-house web development team.

seo backlinks5) Backlinks. Branded and non-branded links that point from other websites to your site are an important factor in search engine ranking. We help your site earn backlinks through various efforts, including blog posts, infographics, social media, press releases, white papers, case studies and other proven content marketing strategies.

seo social media6) Social Media. We can help determine the best social media sites for your type of business. We specialize in Facebook and LinkedIn corporate pages as well as discussion forums, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more.

search engine optimization analysis7) Analysis. We will implement tracking and analytics programs in order to monitor traffic sources and conversion rates. We provide our clients with weekly feedback and reporting so there is always constant communication.

website visitor tracking for seo8) Visitor Tracking. We set up several processes to track visitors to your site. We can track visitors through website analytics programs, unique URLs, and custom phone numbers and email addresses.

What is the Long Tail and Why Does it Matter?

Many technology and healthcare companies offer a niche product or service aimed at a well-defined audience. When it comes to search engine marketing, it doesn’t make financial sense to try to rank for generic terms even though they have high search volumes. In a 2008 report, Bill Tancer, general manager of global research at Hitwise, revealed that for any given topic, the top 100 keywords account for just 5.7% of all website traffic – while long tail keywords account for the remaining 94.3%!

Take for example a healthcare company offering electronic medical records software for dermatologists. Ranking for “software” or even “EMR software” would be very difficult, if nearly impossible, and not very targeted. However, a much better phrase on which to try to rank is “EMR software for dermatologists” – it will be easier to achieve higher search rankings and those visitors that click on the listing are much more likely to convert to paying customers.
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