Welcome to the November 2020 Clarity Quest Newsletter.

As we reflect on the challenging year that was 2020, we’re thankful for the strong relationships with clients, prospects, and colleagues like you.

As people change jobs and make their offices at home against the backdrop of a fluctuating economy, we’re humbled you continue to break bread at our table.

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We also recognize the pandemic has hit many communities hard. To help, we’ve donated $1,000 in the name of our clients to Food Gatherers in Ann Arbor to aid in the effort to reduce food insecurity.

This month, we invite you to:

  • Identify which paid marketing channel generates the best leads
  • Learn how to boost SERP rankings for video
  • Share in our clients’ success stories
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Google Ads vs. LinkedIn Ads

Marketers always want to know which channel will generate the most leads.  This month we compare Google Ads versus LinkedIn Ads? The secret?  Both work, just in different scenarios. 

The right channel depends on your buyer’s urgency and the length of the sales

Read more to decide which marketing channel is right for your products.

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Eight ways to increase visibility for your video

A marketing video is only successful if your target audience sees it. Here are eight best practices that will improve the search engine results page (SERP) ranking for your videos.


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New client site launches

Successful B2B marketing starts with a strong web presence. Over the past few weeks, we’ve launched the following:

Remote Medical International Responsive Website Design

The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.

— William Blake, poet

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