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SpeechVive website launches!

By October 27, 2020November 2nd, 2020No Comments

SpeechVive contacted Clarity Quest to redesign an SEO optimized website on an incredibly tight timeline: 5 weeks. Because their device was approved for Medicare coverage, they had to prepare for the influx of demand from patients and clinicians, now that there was insurance coverage.

Clarity Quest had the challenge of building a site that spoke to two audiences: patients and clinicians. Because patients are the purchaser, the website had to be designed with the end customer in mind. Equally as important was engaging clinicians who prescribe the device and have a need to understand the researched-based evidence supporting it, including the features and benefits of its functionality.

SpeechVive is a medical device company that developed a speech aid for patients with Parkinson’s disease and is becoming a trusted alternative to traditional high-intensity voice therapy programs. Simply stated, the SpeechVive device gives Parkinson’s patients their voice back. Once again, patients can speak confidently and enjoy conversations with family and friends, transforming how they live with this disease.

The SpeechVive story is an enjoyable one. It all started with a “conversation that transpired between Dr. Jessica Huber and biomedical engineers at Purdue University to discuss just what it would entail to give her patients the device she knew they needed. Work began. Years passed, prototypes were developed, and clinical trials were completed. The technology worked.” (SpeechVive website).  

And, the SpeechVive device was born! “Dr. Huber took her amazing results to the biotech incubator on Purdue’s campus, The Alfred Mann Institute (AMIPurdue),” where she met Steve Mogensen, who loved what he saw. From there, Steve licensed the technology from Purdue. Together, Dr. Huber and Steve Mogensen, CEO, co-founded SpeechVive Inc.

Back to the website! The result of the partnership between Clarity Quest and SpeechVive is an engaging web experience that has improved navigation and a simplified ordering process for patients and clinicians. With access to a voice test iOS app and authentic imagery and videos, we communicate the emotional impact a SpeechVive device has on patients.

In the future, the SpeechVive team is looking to expand its app technology and run lead generation campaigns to drive awareness and demand to both patients and clinicians now that Medicare covers the device. 

Visit SpeechVive to learn more about the product transforming Parkinson’s patient’s lives!

Lindsay Groth

Author Lindsay Groth

Lindsay Groth was an Account Director at Clarity Quest from 2020-2023. She spent 15 years as an in-house marketing leader before joining the agency world.

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