Get enlightened with market research

Delve into the hearts and minds of your target customers with in-depth healthcare, medical device, biotech, or technology market research services.

Win-Loss-Churn analysis

Critical to sales and marketing optimization, win-loss analysis can shine a light on what your conversion teams do best and where there’s room for improvement.

Competitive research

Truly understand how your competitors are positioning themselves. In addition to product, service, and brand analysis, we offer analysis of your competitors’ marketing campaigns.

Brand message and roadmap testing

Are your value propositions evoking strong emotional responses? We’ll engage your customer targets to evaluate buying triggers, challenges, and motivations.

Go‑to‑market research

Launch a new offering with your eyes wide open. By engaging with target personas and thought leaders, we’ll prioritize verticals and segments. We will also value your potential market and will identify pitfalls and threats.

market research for healthcare, technology, biotech

“The insights we gain from win-loss analysis are critical to understanding where our clients see value and how we can be better. As the leader of a client experience team, this reporting helps us to make better decisions that drive significant improvements to our total business performance.”

Maureen Ladouceur, Chief Revenue Officer | MMIT